More Information

- Packages do not expire and can be shared. The five-packs are the best deal for those needing consistent therapy with perhaps hectic schedules.

- Subscriptions can also be shared and unused massages rollover each month. This service is great for people who want some sort of massage routine but don't want to pay a large $$ amount upfront.


Do my massages expire?

No, package deals do not expire. 

Subscriptions rollover and also do not expire even after canceling service. 

What's the real difference between a Package and a Subscription?

The main difference is the cost paid upfront, since all services will save you money.

The subscription service starts at $99 giving you *two massages.

The package of 3 starts at $165 and makes for a nice gift. 

The package of 5 costs more initially but saves you the most starting at $225

How does the subscription work?

Each month you are billed your monthly rate once you choose the length of the massage suitable to your needs. Each month any unused massages will rollover. They do not expire and do not require an active subscription to redeem. You paid for them, you keep them. You can also choose to share your subscription with a loved one, making this a pretty sweet deal.

Can someone else take my place for a massage?

Yes. Just let us know so we can apply the discount.

Is the package of 3 even worth it?

Yes. Let's say you travel a lot or perhaps stay at home to take care of your kids. With this package, you still save money and still have the luxury to book an appointment at your discretion. It may be once a month or every 6 weeks, but you decide when is best for you.

Or say your back just gave out and you know 1 massage won't fix it and need some sort of routine. However you don't want to pay each month and accumulate massages. This is when a package of 3 comes in. It can be a gift to someone or a detailed series of massages focusing specifically on your needs whether it be discomfort or pain.

Can I cancel my subscription? What happens to my rollover massages?

You can cancel at anytime and still keep your rollover massages.